About Dr. David Mains

About Dr. David R. Mains
And Why Does He Care About the Local Church?
Dr. David R. Mains, Director, Mainstay Ministries

Dr. David Mains has given his life to serving the local church and is concentrating his energies now on mentoring pastors.
According to The Barna Group, some 12 million believing Christians are unchurched. David Mains is dedicated to helping you, pastor, make sure that your sermons and services are not contributing to the lay person's lament, "Church is just not relevant to where I live out my daily life" (or worse yet, "church is boring").
These are rough days to be in the pastorate, and frankly, many pastors don't have the time, the resources, or the staff to put together remarkable Sunday services, 52 weeks, year after year. Yet, that Sunday sermon and service are crucial to gathering and keeping and growing your congregation.
This is why Dr. David Mains has designed a planning model that is easily transferable from our Mainstay Ministries team to you, then to your staff or to your lay worship team. Our goal, in collaboration with the work of the Holy Spirit, is to teach you how to create 52 Sundays, so unforgettable that they impact the rest of the week with remembered and applied truth.

  • Planted and pastored a church on the west side of Chicago to reverse church flight from the inner city (1967-1977);
  • Pioneered meaningful worship for contemporary believers, the integration of the arts, and the use of lay gifts;
  • Established a racially integrated staff and congregation and elevated the role of women;
  • Experimented with practical response tools for measurable growth to train pastors in renewal principles;
  • Became Director of the national radio broadcast The Chapel of the Air and immediately designed programs to support the local church (1977-1995);
  • Received an honorary doctorate for his role in contributing to the life of the national church;
  • Began the 50-Day Spiritual Adventure in 1980 as a way to link religious media to the local church;
  • Created over 23 50-Day Spiritual Adventures (1980-2003) and wrote over 20 books on spiritual renewal which have been preached by pastors in over 50,000 churches, and helped more than 5 million participants from those congregations learn to live God's Word;
  • Established the daily television show You Need to Know, which addressed local church issues and in 1995 won the distinguished TV Programmer of the Year award from the National Religious Broadcasters;
  • Formed Mainstay Church Resources in 1996 to provide sermon series helps for local pastors;
  • Created the Advent Celebration in 1997, a Christmas series line that over 5,000 pastors have used;
  • Developed the "Mainstay Model," a sermon preparation process designed to radically enhance the life-changing effectiveness of Sunday morning preaching.
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