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DVD Mood Setters and Sermon Boosters DVD for Seeing the Unseen Christ
DVD Mood Setters and Sermon Boosters DVD for Seeing the Unseen Christ

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The Seeing the Unseen Christ Mood Setters and Sermon Boosters DVD is a powerful, visual teaching tool that will give your Sunday sermons and services a boost. This DVD offers creative, attention-grabbing vignettes, theme-related Scriptures and insightful interviews to help churchgoers remember your Sunday sermon points. This DVD includes 18 segments: one for each pre-Adventure Sunday and two for each of the eight Adventure themes. 
  1. PRE-ADVENTURE SUNDAY 1: Dirk Been (2:30):  Dirk Been, from the TV show Survivor, shares about his adventures – both on the island and on 50 Day Spiritual Adventures!  He gives you a preview of what to expect and encourages you to get the journal and join fully in the Adventure.  Featuring footage from the TV show and images of Seeing the Unseen Christ Resources, this video is a great pre-Adventure tool for encouraging participation and stirring up excitement. 
  2. PRE-ADVENTURE SUNDAY 2: Dr. David R. Mains (3:00):  Dr. Mains warns you not to expect business as usual during this Adventure!  In this video, he goes into the details of the Adventure and explains how you can get the most out of this unusual and exciting experience. 
  3. THEME 1: Karen Mains (2:00): Get ready for a radically different Sunday experience!  Karen Mains reminds you that “being ready makes all the difference” and encourages you to make special preparations for Sunday so that you will be ready for meaningful worship.  This video clip is a great way to introduce the first Action Step.
  4. Word on the Street: What’s something or someone deserving of praise? In this Word on the Street interview segment, people name a variety of men and women they admire and consider deserving of praise.
  5. THEME 2: Scriptural Rendering: Matthew 5:43-48 (1:15): This powerful scripture presentation, combined with beautiful music and background video, will remind you to love your enemies - just like your heavenly Father. 
  6. Word on the Street: If you could perform a secret act of kindness, what would you do? (1:30): Get ideas and inspiration for your own secret acts of kindness from this Word on the Street interview segment. 
  7. THEME 3: Evangelist Mary C. Stevenson (2:00): Evangelist Mary C. Stevenson shares how she overcame her self-destructive pattern with the help of the 50 Day Spiritual Adventure.  In this video, you’ll learn 3 simple steps to overcoming yours!  Prepare to be encouraged through this hopeful message.
  8. Scriptural Rendering: John 8:42-47 (2:00): This sobering scripture presentation featuring stirring music and background video will prompt you to examine yourself and make certain you are living as a true child of God and not a child of the Devil. 
  9. THEME 4: Lighthouse Lifestyles (5:30): Be inspired by a true story of Christian love and service in the small lighthouse community of Reedsport!  You’ll learn how the churches of Reedsport united with the common goal of sharing the love of Christ and the message of the gospel with their community. 
  10. Word on the Street: What kind of boss would you most like to work for? (1:40): In this insightful Word on the Street segment, find out what type of a leader people want to work under and follow. 
  11. THEME 5: Dr. Lori Carrell (2:30): Dr. Carrell, author and professor of communication, explains the importance of recognizing the presence of Jesus during our services.  She also discusses the vital partnership between preacher and listener in “making meaning during sermon communication”. 
  12. Scriptural Rendering: John 17:13-19 (1:15): This touching scripture presentation features the words of Jesus as he speaks to his Father about his followers.  Set to music, with beautiful background video, it will encourage you to “belong completely to the truth.”   
  13. THEME 6: Rev. Greg Asimakoupoulos (3:15):  Rev. Asimakoupoulos, author of Prayers from my Pencil, shows you how prayer can become a privilege and not a chore.  In this insightful video, you’ll learn how the knowledge of Christ’s presence can transform your prayer life. 
  14. Marilyn Laszlo (5:00): When Wycliffe Bible translator, Marilyn Laszlo, and her group of young translators ran out of gas and became stranded in their boat in the middle of the river, they learned an important lesson about prayer and the amazing power of God. 
  15. THEME 7: Rebecca Manley Pippert (3:00):  Pippert, author of Out of the Salt Shaker, shares how worshipping Jesus and experiencing his real and powerful presence can transform you – and the lost and hungry world around you. 
  16. Dr. K.P. Yohannan (5:15): Dr. Yohannan, president and founder of Gospel for Asia, shares the powerful testimony of a young man who was decided he was willing to die for Christ.  Because of his courage, God did an astounding miracle. 
  17. THEME 8: Word on the Street: What in your opinion is life at its best? (2:00): In this intriguing Word on the Street segment, people share what their ideal life would be like.  Though the answers vary, the common threads reveal what people value most.
  18. Scriptural Rendering: John 10:7-10 (1:00): This hope-filled scripture presentation, featuring calming music and background video, reminds us that Jesus came to give us life “in its fullest”.  

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