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Discussion Starter Dramas DVD for Seeing the Unseen Christ
Discussion Starter Dramas DVD for Seeing the Unseen Christ

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From madcap to magnificent, these five-minute gems will help viewers connect with eight changes that occus among believers when they become aware of Christ's presence. Contemporary situations and creative dramatic interpretation makes each piece useful in setting the mood for humorous and thought-provoking discussions.

These dramas can be used for impact during a sermon or Sunday service, to stimulate discussion in small groups or Sunday school environments, or as a viewing tool for your own church's drama team to reenact live later. Included are eight professionally acted and produced skits that relate to each of the Seeing the Unseen Christ themes. You'll find that drama-as-ministry can help your church look forward to and experience the presence of Jesus on Sundays and beyond. For maximum effectiveness, use this video in conjunction with our Small Group Leader Guide.

  1. Count Smooch (4:10): In this comical sketch, a girl gushes to her parents about her new romance. Her Mom reminds her that romance doesn’t last. But she is sure that it can. Will her parents prove her right?
  2. Zero Tolerance Church (4:25): Are you lavishing others with the love of Christ? Visit the Zero Tolerance church – a place where nothing is tolerated and no one is above “rough love” - and learn a lesson about love and acceptance.
  3. The Eye (3:50): This clip, centered on Matthew 6:22-23, will remind you of the importance of guarding your eyes from evil. Using Scripture and real-to-life illustrations, it will encourage you to reevaluate what you are watching and how it is affecting you and your family.
  4. The New Guys (4:10): In this vignette, illustrating Matthew 26:40, three new employees of “Christian Service International” struggle to learn that whenever you help someone in need, you are really helping the boss!
  5. Trends (5:25): In this hilarious, but thought-provoking drama, meet the folks from Angelical Seminary – where they believe and teach that the Bible is burdensome and irrelevant. A sobering reminder of the importance of standing firmly on the Scripture.
  6. The Little Prayer (7:08): What if you prayed – and God really answered? In this powerful drama, Linda is beginning her routine recitation of the Lord’s Prayer when God interrupts. She quickly finds out that this prayer will be anything but ordinary!
  7. Undercover Christians (4:35): Meet the Undercover Christians. These guys keep a low profile and are careful not blow their cover. But the boldness of other Christians is making it harder for them to hide. A message on the importance of shining Christ’s love and light to the world.
  8. Behind the Scenes (8:37): A woman waiting at a bus stop meets a man who calls himself Jesus. She is sure he is some kind of lunatic. But how does he know so much about her? And why does he care so much? Could it really be Jesus?

An Adventure Drama Testimony
50-Day Adventure launches drama ministry to reach others...
"Our church has gone from a handful to approximately 300 people in about 12 years. The 50-Day Spiritual Adventure had been a great part of the growth. I believe, first of all, if you're going to use the Adventure, you must work the Adventure and use the resources there. The biggest thing I see the drama doing is making your entire service communicate your sermon. I have had a lot of comments from people who are normally wouldn't be in church who really enjoyed our services because of the dramas." -Terry Howell, Senior Pastor, Assembly of God, Dickson City, PA

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