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Dramas DVD for Untapped Miracles
Dramas DVD for Untapped Miracles

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Join popular dramatists Doug and Melissa Timberlake and friends in nine serious and silly skits based on the topic "Untapped Miracles for Tapped-Out Christians." Each short drama will help your viewers tap into spectacular energy sources for the body of Christ. The skits, their characters, provide a setting for both fun and reflection.

You can use the Discussion Starter Drama Video in several ways: As special segments during your worship services; For preview purposes to spark ideas for your drama team's presentations; To generate discussion during small group meetings; As home entertainment that gets you thinking.

For maximum effectiveness, use this video in conjunction with our Small Group Leader Guide. Contents Include:

  1. Hot Line for Tapped-Out Christians (6:00): The hotline for tapped-out Christians is popular and Marge has been answering calls non-stop. In fact, she is starting to feel rather tapped-out too. Is there a tried and true solution when you are feeling worn out?
  2. What’s the Good Side? (4:33): Meet a woman in financial trouble, a man facing the possibility of cancer and a mother with a wayward daughter. They are all facing immense tension. But has anything good come out of their trials?
  3. The Amazing 24/7 Faith Supplements (7:25): In this infomercial, learn about the amazing 24/7 faith supplement – a pill that allows you to live a guilt-free life when you aren’t feeling up to Christ-like living. A hysterical drama that illustrates the importance of truly living like Jesus – 24/7.
  4. Entertainers Anonymous (7:35): In this humorous drama, you’ll visit a meeting of “Entertainers Anonymous”. These folks are tired of feeling like failures whenever they have people over. Between figuring out what to cook and trying to make the house look perfect, entertaining is unpleasant and stressful. Will they learn to replace entertainment with people-centered hospitality?
  5. Phil’s Used Pastor Lot (6:31): When a couple visits Phil’s Used Pastor lot looking for a good model for their church, the mechanic teaches them some important lessons about caring for a pastor. What is the best kind of fuel to keep a Pastor going? What does prayer do? Find out when you watch this comical sketch!
  6. The Secret Weapon (4:48): Join four “weak, non-praying, Sunday-only Christians” who are going through strict training in Christian Boot camp! In this drama, the sergeant introduces them to a powerful secret weapon – prayer and fasting. Do you they know how to use it? Are they ready for the challenge?
  7. Digging Deeper (5:56): This video illustrates the power of sharing with others. While digging ditches at a worksite, Phil opens up to his co-worker Tom about the positive changes in his life since he started attending church. Tom is shocked that Phil would go to church, but intrigued by the change he sees in him. In fact, he’s considering giving church a try!
  8. Divided House (4:39): A couple is eager to begin building their new home. But when they meet with a representative to discuss the plans, they can’t agree on any of the details. Are they missing the important issues as they bicker over the material for the driveway and the color of the den paint?
  9. Doubting Thomas (5:35): After sneaking around and hiding for fear of his life, Thomas finally arrives at the house where the disciples are staying. When he gets in, they have a crazy story for him. Jesus supposedly appeared to them, talked with them and ate with them. But Thomas isn’t a fool and he refuses to believe their story – until he experiences it for himself. A modern portrayal of doubting Thomas.

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