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The Christmas You've Always Longed For Sermon Booster DVD
The Christmas You've Always Longed For  - Sermon Video DVD

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This Christmas let your congregation see the humor and the tears that can be found throughout the holidays with this collection of short seasonal videos.  Each video is designed to highlight a particular characteristic of the Christmas season and bring to light, through laughter and reality, how ridiculous it can be to get absorbed in the hustle and bustle of the season.  You’ll find 13 different themed videos including dramas and Man on the Street interviews.  A great stand alone product, or perfect as a sermon starter for our series The Christmas You’ve Always Longed For.  

Dramas and Dramatic Readings

  1. Naybon Caravan (4:05): In this humorous but thoughtful vignette, guide and caravan-leader Naybon remembers the census taken by Caesar Augustus and the two mysterious travelers on their way to Bethlehem who seemed to have a special purpose. 
  2. Synagogue Cantor (5:12): The synagogue cantor of Nazareth sets out to teach a group of Jewish children to sing and make music.  As he teaches, he tells them about a student he especially remembers – a girl named Mary. 
  3. Bridgette Baby Sales (4:34): When pregnant Mary shows up at a baby supply store, the saleswoman is eager to sell her everything she ‘needs’ to be ready for her baby.  But is Mary looking for stuffed animals, a car seat, cute outfits or a decorated nursery?  As she prepares to give birth to Jesus, where is her focus?  The message of this comical drama hits home! 
  4. Beatrice Lamaze (6:03): A birthing instructor encourages her class to slow down, focus and be well prepared – just like Mary.  Through humorous drama, this video will encourage you to slow down, be well prepared, and focus on “the baby” so that you can enjoy this Christmas season to the fullest!
  5. Bob the Travel Agent (6:10): Mary and Joseph stop at a travel agency just wanting to get to Bethlehem.  The agent is bent on selling them everything from a Caribbean Cruise to a life insurance policy, but Mary is focused on getting to Bethlehem and refuses to be distracted from that goal. 
  6. Bethlehem Shepherd (6:59): A shepherd reflects on the night of Christ’s birth and begs you to take time to delight in celebrating the birth of the Christ child.
  7. Benny Motel (5:59): Benny, the motel owner, is sick and tired of guests complaining about everything.  Why can’t they all be more like the woman from Nazareth who gave birth to a baby in the utility shed?  She was kind and joyful and didn’t complain about anything.  A powerful message wrapped up in a comical sketch. 
  8. Word of the Lord (3:19): This dramatic reading by David and Karen Mains highlights prophecy and the words of 2 Peter 1:20-21.  They emphasize the Word of the Lord to Bible figures from Noah to Mary and end with the glory of Christ and the words of John 1:14. 

Man on the Street Videos:

  1. How Has Christmas Gotten Out of Hand? (1:05):  Has Christmas become too commercial and too secular?  People on the street offer their opinions in this engaging clip.
  2. What’s Your Favorite Christmas Carol (1:12): In this entertaining Word on the Street segment, people share – and sing – their favorite Christmas carols!  You’ll hear everything from Silent Night to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  
  3. What Makes for a Less than Ideal Christmas? (1:09): What will be missing in your Christmas this year?  In this Word on the Street clip, people share what will make this Christmas less than ideal for them. 
  4. What About Christmas Makes You Nervous? (0:51): Christmas is a stressful time for many.  Hear what people on the street are most nervous about this Christmas. 
  5. Why is Christmas Special? (0:48): Why is Christmas special to you?  In this segment, people are asked to share why they feel Christmas is special. 

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