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Advent Calendar Devotions for December for The Amazing Emmanuel
The Amazing Emmanuel - Devotional Calendar

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Beautifully designed and inexpensive The Amazing Emmanuel Devotional Calendar enable listeners to practice what you preach and also help your congregation stay Christ-focused throughout the entire series.

Discover What True Hero Worship Is Like
Superheroes. Thanks to comic books and bedtime stories, our imaginations have been captivated by them since childhood. We love what distinguishes them from ordinary individuals. They are capable of feats that normal humans could not do. They are courageous in the face of great opposition. And they experience isolation and separation. Something else superheroes have in common: they're imaginary. As much as their escapades intrigue us, Hercules, Paul Bunyan, and Superman never actually existed.
There is someone who is characterized by each of those "superheroic" qualities- except one. Jesus Christ is not imaginary. He really was born, and he really did perform supernatural feats (not the least of which was dying for the sin of all humanity). In this devotional calendar you'll discover just what makes this Amazing Emmanuel the timeless hero that he is. Allow it to help you penetrate the holiday-decked walls with a kind of X-ray vision that sees what most find difficult to focus on-that Christ is the center of Christmas.

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The Amazing Emmanuel Calendar

It’s hard to compete in this age of superheroes. It’s hard to be a mom or dad when you can’t leap tall buildings. It’s hard to be a pastor when you can fill thirty minutes with sound, but you cant’s fly faster than it. But the reality of our world is that kids want heroes and they want their heroes to be superheroes. The problem is that their superheroes are in the pages of comic books, on the screens of movie theaters, or responding to a joystick or other game controller.

Yet not one of them is real. Not one of them will ever materialize to save any one from bondage or danger.

The yearning for superheroes is a revelation of our understanding that we just can’t make it without some might powerful help. It steps from knowing deep down that we are defeated and hopeless without someone who can and will save us from our desperate situations.

We are about to embark on a season when it is, perhaps, the easiest time to introduce your children to the most amazing and the most powerful hero this world has ever seen. He revealed Himself to us be creating us and all that surrounds us. His mighty power can be seen in creation and in the pages of the Holy Bible. He has already defeated our greatest and most fearful enemy, conquering sin, and death, and the grave. By His own power He laid down His life. By His own power He raised Himself up again to make those of us who love Him more than conquerors ourselves.

Use Mainstay’s “The Amazing Emmanuel” devotional calendars to teach your family, your church, and your friends and neighbors – especially their kids – about Emmanuel, who is God with us. Share your heart’s desire for them to discover the God above all gods, the King of all kings, and the Lord of all lords, by giving them a devotional calendar at Thanksgiving so that they can discover new things daily through the Christmas season about Emmanuel, the world’s greatest hero.

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