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Discussion Starter Dramas DVD for The Church You've Always Longed For
Discussion Starter Dramas DVD for The Church You've Always Longed For

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The Adventure Videos are designed to enhance your church services and serve as discussion starters in Sunday school or small groups. This DVD includes drama sketches, special interviews, vignettes and comments on the weekly themes by people randomly interviewed on the street. Follow-up questions to the segments are provided in the Small Group Leader s Guide.

Many churches use the drama sketches, as is, during Sunday services. Others preview the sketches with their drama group and reenact them through their own presentations. This exciting video resource should be viewed early on so you can make plans to use it to enhance your upcoming worship services or small group gatherings.

  1. Welcome (7:51): When a couple looking for a church home is visited by the welcoming committee from a local church, the results are hilarious. The church has a lot to offer - but not what they re looking for.
  2. Where to Turn (8:08): When a desperate woman asks her old friend if his church can help her troubled friend Mark, he isn't so sure. This sobering vignette will remind you and your church of the importance of being open and ready to love and help anyone in need
  3. What's the Good Word? (7:52): In this humorous but convicting drama, two women gossip about their church and pastor while sitting in an ice cream parlor. When the waitress overhears them, will their negative comments discourage her from checking out their church?
  4. Them (5:40): This comical video depicts the grocery-store dilemma of a woman who is trying to decide whether she should step out of her comfort zone and say hello to a girl from her church. This drama will encourage you to overcome your fears and reach out to others.
  5. Going Up (8:32): A workman, a woman in labor and a businesswoman late for a presentation are stuck in an elevator. In order to make it through, they ll have to pull together and encourage each other. This hilarious drama demonstrates the power of working together.
  6. Trashed (6:12): When the pastor s sermon is accidentally thrown away by the careless custodian, he begins searching for it in the dumpster and is joined by some unwanted helpers. This video illustrates the gossip and fault-finding that is too often prevalent in the church.
  7. Service with a Smile (8:00): Bentley s cheerful ways, warm friendliness and kind service encourage the sad, stressed, overburdened and lonely in this heartwarming sketch. Be inspired to serve others 'with a smile'.
  8. The Encounter (5:14): A young man is getting bored with church and wondering why God doesn't really show up and do something amazing. Then a strange visitor arrives and shows him that God is working, he just hasn t been looking in the right places.
  9. Have you Seen Me? (9:26): A couple is desperate and fearful because their son, Jason, is missing. When friends from their church arrive with comfort and encouragement, they begin to feel hope. Will God answer their prayers? Do they have a bright future ahead?

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