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Student EdgeTV Video for The Church You've Always Longed For
Student EdgeTV Video for The Church You've Always Longed For

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Acclaimed by youth leaders, this powerful resource is a great way to get your students talking about spiritual issues. It contains eight high-octane, high-energy segments from EdgeTV, the video magazine for youth groups. Each drama is short and open-ended, with no trite or easy answers. Teens love these thought-provoking video vignettes. Use them as ice breakers and discussion starters.

1. Disrespect (13:40): In this honest and straightforward video, teens open up on the topic of respecting themselves and others. Featuring interviews with diverse youth from a variety of backgrounds and situations, this video raises questions that will open up great discussion opportunities in your Youth group.

2. Why I'm Not a Christian (4:10): A young woman shares honestly why she struggles to embrace the Christian faith. This video will challenge you are your youth to have a solid understanding of what you believe and why so that you can share it with others in an honest and relevant way.

3. Germaine (9:00): In this moving video, a hopeless girl talks about the path she took in life. She was looking for love and acceptance but found only darkness and emptiness. Where will she go for answers? Where is God in her pain?

4. P.F.R. (14:08): In candid interviews, PFR band members Mark, Pat and Joel, share the struggles of life on the road as a musician. They talk about facing temptation, accountability, becoming more mature, overcoming ego, honoring God, being real and more. This video will open up discussion and encourage your youth to be humble and transparent in their own struggles.

5. Meet the Fines (4:14): This humorous drama depicts the struggles of a girl with a nagging, selfish and inconsiderate family who can't decide on a restaurant for dinner. Will she acknowledge their problems or keep living in denial? A great discussion starter.

6. Making a Difference (4:26): In this dramatic video, E.V. Hill shares a startling but life changing story that illustrates the power we have to make a difference in our world. This video will inspire your Youth group to do something great for God!

7. Old Friends (9:27): What does it mean to erect an "Ebenezer" in your life? Be inspired through the testimony of a pastor who has seen God work in his life. He openly shares his troubled childhood, his struggle with doubt, and how God's hand was there through it all. This video will encourage you and your youth to live a life of radical confession and forgiveness and to recognize God's hand in your life.

8. Life After High School: Ruben's Story (7:54): Meet Ruben, a young man from a rough area of Chicago who shouldn't have made it. Today, he is a dedicated follower of Christ with a powerful ministry to inner city youth. In this moving video, Ruben shares how God changed him from an angry and violent teenager to a humble young man with a heart for others.

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