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Discussion Starter Dramas Video DVD for Small Groups - What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do
Discussion Starter Dramas Video DVD for Small Groups - What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do

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All eight drama skits included in this video - featuring Doug and Melissa Timberlake and friends - are designed to help viewers deal with confusion in their lives and learn how to trust Christ when life seems like a maze. Each drama provides a setting for thought provoking reflection and humorous interaction.

Use this video in conjunction with our Small Group Leader Guide to lead your adult Sunday School or bible study discussions.

You can use the Adventure Dramas video in several ways:

  • For preview purposes to spark ideas for your drama team's presentations
  • As special segments during your worship services
  • To generate discussion during small group meetings
  • As home entertainment that gets you thinking
  1. Oh Captain, My Captain (4:30): In this drama, a man finds himself pulled in all directions. He is a captain with a vessel in danger, the president with a national security crisis, and a doctor with a patient in critical condition. Each problem is clamoring for his attention. What should he do?
  2. Manual Labor (6:30): When Jamie goes to visit her grandparents, she finds Grandpa trying to set up his new VCR – without instructions. It is taking him forever to figure it out. Will Jamie be able to convince him to read the instructions?
  3. Super Mom (5:00): Carol is an overwhelmed mother juggling kids, household duties and a part-time job. Her prayer life is struggling and she feels alone. When Sue stops by, they discover they are struggling with the same things and a supportive friendship is born!
  4. Getting Away (5:00): A man is complaining to his friend about the lousy city they live in and insisting that he needs to get away. But his cheerful friend doesn’t see it that way. While he sees smelly streets, slow buses, and rude people, she sees bakeries, coffee shops, and great people! Will she be able to convince him to look on the bright side?
  5. Mr. Clutter (5:20): Mr. Cutter is a busy business executive. But he is having trouble being efficient and successful because of his cluttered and distracting surroundings. When an organizational expert comes in to help him simplify, she finds that Mr. Cutter is not very open to her help.
  6. Sorry (6:34): After an intense fight with her daughter, an anguished mom remembers with regret her relationship with her own mother. When she realizes that her past is affecting her current relationship with her daughter, she tries to make amends and begin again.
  7. Alone (3:49): In this powerful sketch, a man battles feelings of anger and betrayal after his friend is chosen for the position he was hoping for - then realizes he is not the only one who has been betrayed by a friend.
  8. Wait and See (5:30): A wife is worried that her husband may still have cancer. While they wait for the results of the test, she battles her fears. Her husband tries to encourage her with reminders of God's goodness. But when the time comes to get the test results, will he be strong?

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