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Student EdgeTV Video DVD - I'm So Confused
Student EdgeTV Video DVD - I'm So Confused

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This EdgeTV DVD is comprised of eight video segments that are thematically related to each "I'm So Confused" Adventure topic. Unlike some videos you may be used to, these have no easy answers, but they're great discussion starters for youth group meetings. The segments are short, open-ended, and designed to help students develop sound decision making skills using God's Word as their guide. For greatest effectiveness, use this video in conjunction with our Student Leader Guide


  1. The Hard Way (6:00): A young woman who suffered terrible pain and heartache shares how God met her at her lowest point when she didn’t know who to turn to. 
  2. What Do You Think of the Bible? (5:00): In this fast-paced clip, young people candidly share a wide range of thoughts and feelings about the Bible.  It will stimulate great discussion in your group!
  3. Bad Company (7:30): This true story powerfully illustrates the consequences of being influenced by bad friends and good friends.   When Matt moves in with the wrong friends, he ends up doing things he never thought he would do.  When the consequences are painful, it is Matt’s true friends Ned and Dave who are there to help him start again on the right path. 
  4. What Makes You Happy? (3:00): In this revealing clip, young people share the things that make them happy.  Many of their answers are the same – others are unique.  A great discussion starter.   
  5. Stressing Out (5:30): Stress is something almost everyone deals with.  In this timely video, young people talk honestly about the things that stress them out – from school to dating to family relationships - and how they deal with that stress.  Use it to jump-start a discussion with your youth. 
  6. Life After High School: Rodger’s Story (3:15): When Rodger’s Bible Study leader told the group that 75% of them would turn away from Christ after High School, he almost laughed.  But when he started college, he began giving into temptation and soon found himself far from God.  What had happened to his passion for Christ? How would he find his way back to God?
  7. Stuck (10:55): In this sobering and honest drama, three teens stuck in an elevator reveal the facades they put up to protect themselves and the things they do to numb their pain or loneliness.  They discover that, although it is painful to open up, it is the first step toward healing.  
  8. McLane Escapes with his Life (7:00): This uplifting clip features the story of McLane Gardner, a young man from a missionary family who found himself in Zaire, Africa during a time of unrest and great danger.  You’ll be built up as you hear the many ways God worked in his life during this experience!

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