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A Season of Wonder
Opening the Door to Christmas and Beyond
Give yourself a wealth of Christmastime sermon and service helps with this exceptional December sermon series by Mainstay Ministries. 

What did you like best about Christmas when you were a kid? New toys? Grandmother's house? Or was it the piney aroma of the tree? Could it have been simply the sheer wonder of it all? If you watch young children on Christmas morning, you'll see the excitement sparkling in their eyes. That's what 

this preaching series is all about - experiencing the joy of Christmas by opening your heart to this season of wonder.
This season can be one of awe, mystery, and excitement if we open our hearts in childlike wonder. With this Advent Celebration, you'll help your congregation to "open their heart's door to Christmas and beyond."

By learning the lessons from the biblical characters of the Christmas story, you'll encourage your listeners to:
1. Open your heart's door to God's plans
2. Open your heart's door to friends and strangers
3. Open your heart's door to silence and song
4. Open your heart's door to divine encounters
5. Open your heart's door to God's love for you
6. Open your heart's door to new opportunities
Do You Ever Wonder?
Do you remember when Christmas was “A Season of Wonder?”  Do you remember when sleigh bells rang?  Were you listening?

Do you remember when you grasped the truth about Christmas for the very first time?  When you learned that Christmas is the celebration of God coming to earth, clothed in the skin of a baby?  Do you recall when you finally realized that Christmas is not about Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, or lights on trees, or even shepherds and wise men?  Do you remember the wonder when you really “got it” . . . when you understood that it is about the wonder of Emmanuel?  Not just God, but “God with us?”

If you are a pastor, there is a good possibility that the only wonder that the Christmas season holds for you is wondering how you are going to come up with a sermon or a series of sermons about the most preached-about passages of Scripture other than those used for Easter.  Let’s face it.  You’ve had a rough year.  Some of your flock have departed.  Others have and are suffering serious illnesses.  Still others have fallen on hard times financially.  Some are under a cloud of depression.  Only you know most of the stories, and only you know the stories behind the stories.

Now the Season of Wonder is drawing closer with each passing day.  You wonder how everything is going to get done.  There will be cantatas and pageants strung out through every week from Thanksgiving through Christmas Day.  What a way to end the year:  busier than ever.

Yet you have what may be the single, most incredible role that anyone could ask for.  You have been appointed, just as the angels were, to declare tidings of great joy and announce that God is, indeed, with us!  How will you get it all done?  

Well, we have some good tidings for you.  Mainstay Ministries has compiled a series of December sermons entitle “A Season of Wonder.”  But it’s more than an outline or some “clever,” hastily-contrived sermon outlines and notes.  We have assembled a wonderful assortment of collateral materials to prepare and promote the Season of Wonder for you and your entire congregation.

Our mission is “Helping Pastor Help People Grow.”  We cordially invite you to visit our website at Sunday Solutions.com, where you will find this wonderful package of resources, and others that will help bring back the real Season of Wonder.