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Going on a God Hunt
Teach Your People the Miracle of Finding God Everyday.

Going on a God Hunt is a complete 4-week sermon series designed to increase our awareness of God's presence and intervention in our lives. 

When Jesus walked the earth, most people didn't recognize him for who he truly was. Even today, God's miracles are countless but we often miss them. God is moving right in front of us but we rarely notice. God is active while we say, "What are you doing?" To recognize God's presence, He says: Seek me to find me (Jeremiah 29:13). That involves going on a God Hunt.

Going on a God Hunt is a fresh and appealing way to help your church discover God at work in their everyday lives. 

Plus, this sermon series comes complete with all the tools you need. Each sermon is supported by numerous service ideas, professional pre-built graphics, video and take-home Field Guides. You decide which pieces to use for creating custom services tailored to your sermons and congregation. 

Going on a God Hunt will inject joy and enthusiasm into your church as you teach people how to see God alive and active in their lives daily! Order your Going on a God Hunt Preacher Package CD to use in your church this year. 

Teach your congregation how to find God's presence everyday.