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The Amazing Emmanuel
Discover What True Hero Worship Is All About

Give yourself a wealth of Christmastime sermon and service helps with this exceptional December sermon series by Mainstay Church Resources. 

Superheroes. Thanks to comic books and bedtime stories, our imaginations have been captivated by them since childhood. We love what distinguishes them from ordinary individuals. They are capable of feats that normal humans could not do. They are courageous in the face of great opposition. And they experience isolation and separation. Something else superheroes have in common: they're imaginary. As much as their escapades intrigue us, Hercules, Paul Bunyan, and Superman never actually existed.

There is someone who is characterized by each of those "superheroic" qualities - except one. Jesus Christ is not imaginary. He really was born, and he really did perform supernatural feats (not the least of which was dying for the sin of all humanity). In this December sermon series you'll preach on just what makes this Amazing Emmanuel the timeless hero that he is. Allow it to help you penetrate the holiday-decked walls of your church with a kind of X-ray vision that sees what most find difficult to focus on - that Christ is the center of Christmas. As your sermon series unfolds, you can also distribute one December Devotional Calendar per visitor or church family which helps your listeners to put into practice what you preach.

Seven preaching themes help your people follow the true hero for all time
1. Thank God for a Hero Too Wonderful for Words
2. Discover What True Hero Worship is Like
3. Learn How to Share Your Superhero Stories
4. Protect the Weak in Superhero Fashion
5. Keep Alive the Tale of the Wonder Child's Birth
6. Experience Your Hero's Super Power
7. Watch the Sky for Your Superhero's Return

The Amazing Emmanuel Sermon Series

When God created us in His image, He implanted in us a desire for fellowship.  His plan was to fulfill that desire in Himself.  When sin entered in, our fellowship with Him was severed.   But the longing that He created in us remained.  In remains in us today.  That is why, when we are not in fellowship with our Heavenly Father as we should be, we tend to find heroes to worship in place of Him.

We have a deeply-seated desire to know, and even to emulate, heroes.  What is uncanny – and so apt for the Christmas season – is that is exactly what God wants us to do.  He wants us to know Him and to be just like Him.

Where Mainstay’s seven-week sermon series, “The Amazing Emmanuel,” is taught, leading up to and through Christmas, hearers are sure to discover that God is not just “somewhere out there” doing mighty things, but that He also came to live among us and do many mighty and awesome things.  The Bible tells us only a few of those things.  The Apostle John said that He did so many astounding and miraculous things that it would be impossible to write them all down.

As Emmanuel, Almighty God became just like us to be our superhero, to conquer sickness, sin, and death.  Even some of those who already know about Christ have yet to grasp that Jesus is God; that He is almighty and all-powerful.  This is an opportunity to lead them to that heroic truth.

At the heart of “The Amazing Emmanuel” series, you will teach your people what true hero worship is like, and you will introduce them to the greatest hero of all time.  You will lead them along a seven week journey, during which they will understand anew that God has given us super powers that many may not realize that we have.  You will show them how they can experience His power in their own life and how they can use that power to help others.  Finally, you will lead them to look to the sky for our superhero’s victorious return.

We encourage you to consider sharing “The Amazing Emmanuel” with your church this Christmas season.  Help them to see Him in a whole different way; a way that fills the longing in their heart for a real hero; a way that leads them back to the worship and fellowship He designed us to enjoy.