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Celebrate Jesus!

Watch your congregation grow into greater maturity as they refresh their hearts with zeal for Christ and his kingdom!

To celebrate Jesus is to enjoy him and to enjoy sharing him with others. As you lead them in this motivational and inspiring 50-Day Spiritual Adventure, every participant in your church will rediscover what about Christ is so compelling, and become eager to share his grace and peace with everyone they meet! In short, this series lets you focus on evangelism without using the "E" word!


What Makes Jesus Attractive to So Many People:
1. He stayed spiritually connected and directed.
2. He shattered the stereotypes of "us" and "them."
3. He liked people and drew out the best in them.
4. He knew his identity, yet served with humility.
5. He spoke God's truth in everyday language.
6. He cast a vision of a better kingdom, now and future.
7. He courageously completed his assigned mission.
8. He broke the power of darkness so all can live in the light.

1. Pray with a Pencil
2. Light your street
3. Celebrate people
4. Dare to care
5. Screen your message

More About the Celebrate Jesus 50-Day Spiritual Adventure

What does it look like when a group of people celebrate something? Don’t try to define it. Try to describe it.

It might look like fireworks lighting up the sky in every direction if we were celebrating the Fourth of July. The sounds of “ooh” and “aah” and “wow” and “amazing” would be hear over and over again.

It might look like gift-wrapping and ice cream and cake if we were celebrating someone’s birthday. Or it might look like roses and candlelight if we were celebrating a wedding anniversary.

It might look like a frenzy of high-fives, along with whoops and hollers, lots of back-slapping and arm waving if we were celebrating our team scoring the winning touchdown. This is usually followed by fans leaving the stadium shouting “We won! We won!” so load the whole world can hear.

It might look like tears of joy running down a mother’s face on the arrival of her firstborn child, or on the anniversaries of the loss of that child to cancer or some other deadly disease.

Celebration is a lot easier to describe than it is to define. So, pastor, let me ask you this question. When you look out across your congregation, does it look like there is a celebration, a celebration of any kind, going on?

Are there “oohs” and “aahs” and “amazings” filling the air? Are there tears of sorrow or joy running down cheeks? Do the fans of Jesus leave the church shouting “Praise the Lord! We won?” so loud the whole world can hear? The whole town? How about the whole parking lot?

We have created with a built-in desire to celebrate. Only the celebration of Christ crucified, risen and coming again can completely satisfy that long in us now. Nothing out to be more celebrated that the eternal and abundant life that the Father has made possible through His Son, Jesus Christ.

But we Christians, as a whole, seem to have lost the concept of celebration and how it ought to completely characterize us. The Celebrate Jesus 50-Day Adventure is designed to help you bring your people back to their First Love, Jesus, and restore to them the joy and celebration of their salvation.