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Discussion Starter Dramas DVD for More than Survivors
Discussion Starter Dramas DVD for More than Survivors

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Adventure Video
The Adventure Video is designed to enhance your eight church services and serve as discussion starters in Sunday school or small groups. It includes drama sketches, special interviews, vignettes, and comments on the weekly themes by people randomly interviewed on the street. Follow-up questions to the segments are provided in the Small Group Leader?s Guide. Many churches also use the drama sketches ?as is? during Sunday services. Others preview the sketches with their drama group and reenact them through their own presentations. This exciting video resource should be viewed early on so you can make plans to use it to enhance your upcoming worship services. Use it in conjunction with our Small Group Leader Guide.

Series Introduction:
  1. Hijack Heroes (3:17): Be inspired by the story of Clarke Bynum, a passenger who nearly lost his life on a hijacked plane and became a hero. Learn how God used the experience to enlarge his borders according to I Chronicles 4:10.
  2. Karen Mains (2:46): Using an illustration from her own life, Karen Mains explains that we often have good intentions but need “nudges” along the way to get us going in the right direction. She explains how you can set up “nudgers” in your own life in preparation for this 50-Day Spiritual Adventure.
Theme 1: Practice Making Soul-Conscious Choices
The Biographer
(5:48): A young woman goes to a party and starts drinking again – something she thought she’d given up. But when she meets her biographer, who is busy writing down everything she thinks, says and does, she begins to get a new perspective on her choices.
Theme 2: Flee All-Too-Convenient Evil
The Sales Pitch
(3:43): Meet the guy who is busy selling sin. His sales pitches are attractive and alluring. But who are his toughest customers? Learn about battling and beating temptation in this thought-provoking drama.
Theme 3: Rally Support to Shine for God
Word on the Street
(1:10): In this Word on the Street segment, people share who they go to when they need support and someone to talk to.
Theme 4: Rebuild Sacred Walls that Protect
Lone Brick
(4:56): One by one, Eric has given up his “bricks” of time to the cares and distractions of life. Having lost most of his time with God, he is exhausted and overwhelmed. Will his friend be able to help him reclaim some of those bricks?
Theme 5: Reference the Culture to Share God's Love
Complimenting the Culture
(4:18): How did Billy Graham capture the attention of so many audiences? He utilized an effective method used by Christ in His teaching: referencing the issues, subjects and events important to his audience. In this video featuring Greg Asimakoupoulos, you’ll learn how and why to compliment the culture in order to share God’s love.
Theme 6: Stay Alert to Self-Diminishing Compromises
(3:41): A woman sits down in a beautiful cathedral to pray the Lord’s Prayer and is instantly interrupted by “talkers”. From upcoming holidays to forgotten groceries to a sale at the mall, they keep her mind racing. It seems impossible to focus on God and prayer. What will she do?
Theme 7: Risk Everything for God and His People
Wayne Messmer
(4:06): When singer and broadcaster Wayne Messmer was shot in the throat, he faced struggles on many fronts. How would he learn to forgive the shooters? Would he ever sing again? Be inspired by his amazing testimony!
Theme 8: Fix Their Eyes on Eternity with Jesus
Sue Colbert
(6:42): You’ll be moved by the story of Stephanie Colbert, her birth, the miracle of her survival, the faith of her parents and the beautiful success of her life. Most importantly, see how the Colbert’s trials have blessed them with a greater awareness of eternal things.
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