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From Another World to Ours
Encourage Your People to Share Christmas GOOD NEWS with Those Who've Come "From Another World to Ours"
From Another World to Ours is a complete 5-week December sermon series designed to open the eyes of your congregation to world travelers whom God has placed among us, and to use this Christmas season to reach out to those who have come From Another World to Ours. 

Jesus came from another world to ours. The wisemen came from another world to worship the Christ child. 

From Another World to Ours is a fresh and appealing outreach-minded Christmas series. 

Plus, this sermon series comes complete with all the tools you need. Each sermon is supported by numerous service ideas, professional pre-built graphics, video and take-home World Maps. You decide which pieces to use for creating custom services tailored to your sermons and congregation. 

From Another World to Ours will inject joy and enthusiasm into your church as you teach people how to reach those who are foreign among us! 

Sermon 1
Who Invited Those Guys? - Take note of the impressive foreigners who have come to our country. (Matthew 2:1-2 & Peter 3:9) 
Sermon 2
Future World Changers - Let's scout our community for foreign-born future world-changers who have temporarily come here to live. (Matthew 2:7-15)
Sermon 3
Quick Learners - May there always be those in the House of the Lord who recognize early on when God is doing a new thing. (Luke 2:21-38)
Sermon 4
The Miracle Continues - Set aside the time you need to ponder your role in the unfolding miracle that God is orchestrating. (Luke 2:1-19)
Sermon 5
Clash of Cultures - As members of inferior cultures, let us celebrate the day of the coming to earth of Heaven's great King. (Matthew 25:11-12)

“From Another World to Ours” Sermon Series

The subtitle to “From Another World to Ours” sermon series is “Encourage Your People to Share Christmas GOOD NEWS with those who’ve come ‘From Another World to Ours.’”  It is a series uniquely created to encourage your congregation to use the Christmas season to reach across cultural boundaries with the Gospel of Christ.

There have been times when our culture has been described as “distinctly American.”  Somehow, along with that, many Christians have bought into the mistaken concept that the Gospel is also distinctly American.  That kind of thinking will confine us to our own personal “Jerusalem,” as a result of which, we become ineffective in carrying out God’s intended plan to go beyond our cultural comfort zones.

The growth in cultural diversity in America means that you don’t have to become a missionary and travel to a foreign country in order to reach other ethnic groups.  They are coming to us, just as the wise men came from a far country to Jerusalem and then on to Nazareth.  By following this five-week series, you will be able to help open your congregation’s eyes to the pressing need to recognize those of other cultures who have come to live among us, as ones who need to be shown the Way to eternal life, Jesus Christ.  

They should be able to recognize that the Christmas season opens the door to reach out to persons of other ethnic groups, whose progenitor, nonetheless, is the same Adam as ours.  They, therefore, stand in need of salvation from the sin-generated results of his disobedience.  The Way is not through Buddha, Mohammed, or the Pope.  Jesus Christ is the only Way to God, and believers are the only ones who can point others to the Way.  But they will not accept Christ into their lives, if we do not first accept them into ours.

Use this series to reawaken your people to the great opportunity of the season and the great responsibility of believers to seize that opportunity to share Christ with others.