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Making Christmas Meaningful
Transform Trivial Pursuits into Memorable Celebrations

For many of us, the Christmas celebration is a mile wide and an inch deep. We tire ourselves with an ever-growing number of gifts to buy, activities to complete, and traditions to uphold. And through a maze of cards and calls, outreach and entertainment, we struggle to connect with others in meaningful ways. Our intentions are sincere. But when we look back on the season, too often we're left feeling diminished by our efforts. Our labors, great or small, have somehow only touched the surface. 

So how can we keep the Christmas season from becoming a string of trivial pursuits? How can we transform holiday gatherings, traditions, and activities into memorable celebrations that reach into the very depth of our souls?

Encourage your congregation to make Christmas meaningful when you:
1. Follow the true star of Christmas;
2. Honor the stable-born king;
3. Celebrate heaven's gift to all nations;
4. Quiet your heart for the magnificent message;
5. Embrace God's Christmas salvation.

"Making Christmas Meaningful" Sermon Series

It is hard to believe how much the meaning of Christmas has been watered down over the past several decades.  Christmas has been attacked on nearly every front imaginable.  Atheists and God-haters don’t want Christ to be a part of the celebration of His own birth.  Politicians and judges at all levels of government rule against the Ruler of the heavens and the earth so that their constituents are not offended by the Gospel message.  Retailers now consider “the holiday season” to begin at the end of September as we ring it in with Halloween.  Did you know that Halloween has become the second biggest retail holiday of the year?

Pastor, this is what you are up against.  God has called you to stand in the gap against this attack on Christmas and, especially, to protect your people from having their minds corrupted and their hearts hardened to the meaning of Christmas.  We have come to a point where simply saying that “Jesus is the reason for the season” is no longer adequate.  The subversive, satanic attempt to change the meaning of Christmas has infected the world and has begun to spread to Christians as well.

Our burden is to support you in this mighty calling of God to make Himself and His Son meaningful in the lives of your people, not just at Christmas, but every day.  This series of five messages provides a structure through which you can present biblical truths about our Savior and Lord that can transform hearts and minds by the power of the Holy Spirit so that, having been transformed, Christmas, and God himself, will become more meaningful.

Rediscovering that the “Star” of Christmas is Jesus and honoring Him leads then to presenting the Christmas “Gift” and embracing the incarnation as the beginning of the season that closes with access to God becoming available to all mankind through Christ.

“Making Christmas Meaningful” might be the sermon series that will open your people’s eyes to a more meaningful Christmas than they have ever experienced before.