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Daring to Dream Again

This exceptional life-changing 50-Day Spiritual Adventure, "Daring to Dream Again," is a preaching series that lays out eight biblical steps your congregation can take to start dreaming again spiritually.

When you preach this 50-Day Spiritual Adventure, "Daring to Dream Again: Overcoming Barriers That Hold You Back," your entire congregation will journey into God's life-changing Word. You'll preach on ways to dream again spiritually. You'll teach people how to live up to the desires God has for each of us. You'll unfold ways to overcome barriers that hold your church back from its enormous God-given potential.

Get your church on board this Adventure as a church-wide campaign. Infuse everyone with new life and spiritual energy as you investigate the biblical, heartfelt aspirations God has on our behalf.


To dare to dream again,

1. Let God heal your painful past
Judges 6:11-24
How-to: Take on a healthy new identity

2. Discover God's present involvement in your life
1 Samuel 24:1-28
How-to: Go on a daily God Hunt

3. Establish godly goals for your future
John 12:1-6; Matthew 26:14-16
How-to: Set godly goals

4. Empower everything you do for God with prayer
1 Samuel 1:1-28
How-to: Personalize the Daring to Dream Again Prayer

5. Confront your ungodly prejudices
Acts 10:1-35
How-to: Widen your circle of unlikely friends

6. Identify with God's heart for the world
Jonah 3:1-4:11
How-to: Become a world-class Christian

7. Move with God beyond your comfort zones
Luke 1:26-38;2:33-35; John 19:25b-27
How-to: Go for the gulp

8. Believe that with God all things are possible
John 20:24-31
How-to: Begin dreaming again

More About the “Daring to Dream Again” 50-Day Spiritual Adventure

Altogether too many Christian adults have stopped dreaming.

That could be a sad indicator that too many Christian adults may be walking in the flesh and not in the Spirit. You see, the Lord told the prophet Joel that “It shall come to pass that I will pour out my Spirit . . . and your old men shall dream dreams.” (Joel 2:28) In the flesh, as we grow older, even beginning around the age of 40, so many people watch their dreams turn to ashes. Collapsing economies crush people’s dreams. Debilitating diseases dispel other people’s dreams. The struggles of life snuff out the dreams of many more. And, when the days that we have left become fewer than those that we have left behind, our dreams are displaced by memories, many of which are burdensome and discouraging.

The reality of being born of the Spirit, and His coming to live in us in all His fullness, changes everything. Suffering from a fallen nature, we easily succumb to painful pasts and painting bleak futures. But filled with the Spirit of the Living God, however, means that the guilt of the past is gone and that there should be no fear of tomorrow.

A number of years ago, this writer stopped dreaming. I thought that there was no longer purpose in my life, that I was useless, and that I no longer amounted to anything. But I was wrong. Dead wrong. Spiritually . . . dead . . . wrong. God came to me in my despair, whispering to me that He loves me and that He wants to use me. Today, I sit here encouraging you, dear pastor friend, to begin your people on a journey toward dreaming again. If your people trust Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, life is not short. It is eternal. Life is not over. It is just beginning. They need not feel washed up. They need to be filled up. As long as the Savior is alive, the saints on earth can dream – because He is that I AM, who was and is and is to come for all eternity. And He wants to bless those that truly love and trust Him.

Would you dare to encourage your people to dream again? Would you deign to show them how? Would you be willing to lead them from the drudgery of the natural life to a closer walk with Christ so that they begin to dream again? Or have you, too, stopped dreaming dreams?

God promised a day when His Spirit would dwell within us and we would dream dreams. Today is that day. Now is the time to lead your people to Dare to Dream Again.