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More than Survivors

This 50-Day Spiritual Adventure preaching series examines modern life-lessons (from eight victorious biblical characters) that teach us what it takes to thrive spiritually in the midst of a culture that threatens the health of our souls.

Use this transformational Adventure to teach your congregation how to thrive spiritually, how to overcome evil and become more like Jesus Christ, even in an ever changing, often spiritually hostile world.


Those who are more than survivors...

1. Practice Making Soul-Conscious Choices (Moses)
Sermon Application: Critique Your Choices

2. Flee All-Too-Convenient Evil (Joseph)
Sermon Application: Agree to FLEE

3. Rally Support to Shine for God (Esther)
Sermon Application: Find Alien Allies

4. Rebuild Sacred Walls that Protect (Nehemiah)
Sermon Application: Resolve to Resoul

5. Reference the Culture to Share God's Love (Paul)
Sermon Application: Compliment the Culture

6. Stay Alert to Self-Diminishing Compromises (Daniel)
Sermon Application: Ax the Excess

7. Risk Everything for God and His People (Ruth)
Sermon Application: Run the Risk

8. Fix Their Eyes on Eternity with Jesus (Jesus)
Sermon Application: Eye the Prize

More about the More Than Survivors 50-Day Spiritual Adventure

Evolutionists would suggest that life is about survival. There is an entire subculture of people who are called – oddly enough – Survivalists. Their objective is to survive potential natural or man-made disasters.

The fact that we know that God created us each with a purpose demonstrates that life is about must more than survival. It is His will that we all come into reconciliation with Him through Christ, and then become conformed to His image. He offers abundance in place of survival and joy in place of fear.

The Christian life is not about survival, it is about an intimate, loving relationship with the God of all creation who is also the Lover of our souls. His plan is to make our lives beautiful as He blesses us with His incomparable love. The writer of Hebrews tells us that Christ died and rose again to take away the fear of death that has held men in bondage for centuries.

Granted, some people are about surviving; about avoiding death. So far, no one has, however, been able to avoid it, making survival a lost cause. So then, survival must be about prolonging one’s life. That doesn't seem to working out for most people, which just shows how futile life apart from God is.

The fact remains that many people are just surviving. For many, the reality is that life feels like it is about survival. For people caught in war or natural disasters or financial devastation, survival is an immediate and serious issue, but to live life as though it were always about survival may be the most grievous disaster of all.

Pastor, my guess is that there are people in your flock who are stuck in survival mode. Why not help to lead them out of it and into a whole other world? Fifty days of eye-opening messages and exercises to break old habits and eliminate stinking thinking is the purpose of the More Than Survivor 50 Day Adventure series. Not only will this series help you to point the way, it will help you to lead the way, to transform your people from common survivors to extraordinary, celebrating children of the Most High God.