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Promises Worth Keeping

Use this life-changing 50-Day Spiritual Adventure to preach on eight Biblical promises that are worth keeping by your entire church.

Use this transformational Adventure to teach your entire congregation how to keep their promises to God and to others by resolving to live what they say the believe!


With God's help, you can:
1. Nurture a growing intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ
2. Cultivate vital friendships that encourage you to keep your promises
3. Practice purity in thought and action
4. Make family relationships a priority
5. Support the ministry of your church and pastor
6. Identify and address the hidden prejudices of your heart
7. Influence your world with the love of Christ
8. Live one day at a time through the power of the risen Christ


Equip your people to apply your messages daily:
1. Create memorable moments with Jesus
2. Come out of spiritual isolation
3. Confess and confront a signature sin
4. Care for those you care about
5. Choose to become exposed to the suffering of others

About the Promises Worth Keeping 50-Day Adventure Sermon Series

What ever happened to commitment? How long has it been since you’ve heard a man say “My word is my bond?” Who would believe a man even if he said it? When did contracts replace covenants? Commitments, covenants, and kept promises disappear in a cultural that is “Me”-centered. That’s exactly the kind of culture in which we live. Pastor, you may be our best and last hope for curing this culturally-defined, spiritual wasteland that breeds a lack of faithfulness and commitment.

Even more problematic is that this lack of commitment has become habitual in epidemic proportions. This is not a problem that can be solved by one man preaching one message one time. Old habits die hard. Lasting change is a process. That’s why Mainstay Ministries has prayerfully prepared the Promises Worth Keeping 50-Day Adventure. Through eight Sundays and the days and weeks in between, this series helps you to get folks focused on the selflessness that is a mark of a true believer, and helps you to keep them focused on that truth long enough for real repentance and change to take effect.

Part of the essence of faith is believing that God will do what He says He will do. It is knowing that He keeps His promises. All of them. He has never failed to keep a promise, and He never will. His promise-keeping sets Him apart from even the best of men. Yet, His purpose for us is to be conformed to the image of His Son, Jesus Christ, who loved us and gave Himself for us. Only when folks realize that loving the Lord with all our heart, all our mind, all our soul, and all our strength, and loving others as ourselves is the foundation upon which keeping promises is based, will they forsake their own desires in favor of keeping promises to God and to others.

Think about the power of an entire church learning to understand that promises are worth making and, and even more, worth keeping. Think of the power of that change as it impacts an entire community for Christ. Think of the power of the Holy Spirit changing individual lives and empowering them to live for others. Think about using the Promises Worth Keeping 50-Day Adventure to help your church and your community experience this transformation.