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Standing Tall

Many churches were filled theSundayfollowing the terrorist attacks on 9/11. You probably recall wrestling spiritually that week regarding what to preach.

It's often been said that our world changed on 9/11. In numerous ways that's true. Like many nations, Americans are now having to get accustomed to living with various fears. With far more time to reflect on matters than what you had those days immediately following9/11, wehave put together a powerful 50-Day Spiritual Adventure called Standing Tall: Facing Fears that Grip the Soul. With the help of pastors from around the country we chose to address the following:


1. Stand Tall in Terrorism and War

2. Stand Tall in Financial Insecurity

3. Stand Tall in Rejection and Betrayal

4. Stand Tall at Skeletons in the Closet

5. Stand Tall in Failure and Disgrace

6. Stand Tall in Disease and Death

7. Stand Tall in Paralyzing What-ifs

8. Stand Tall in Gathering Doom

More About the Standing Tall 50-Day Spiritual Adventure

The Apostle Paul encouraged the Christians in the ancient city of Ephesus to put on the whole armor of God so that “you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then, after the battle, you will still be standing firm” (Ephesians 6:13 NLT).

As a pastor, you know that the “time of evil” is right now. The enemy attacks through acts of evil and terrorism that are unspeakable, taking lives and putting fear into the hearts of people everywhere. He attacks by creating chaos and despair through physical and financial distress. Most of all, he undermines truth by teaching a false gospel and attempting, all too often successfully, to distract us from a right relationship with our heavenly Father by presenting us with “pleasures” in which there is no lasting satisfaction.

Sometimes it takes personal, community, or country-wide disaster to awaken us to the underbelly of all that the enemy offers as part of his deceitful attempts to break through, destroy and steal both the joy and the essence of our lives.

Yet there is another dynamic at work in cooperation with the enemy in this world. John tells us that we fight against lust and pride (I John 2:16). While Satan’s attacks are external, lust and pride are internal. When we enter into a life of choosing to make decisions based upon the temptations of these enemies, we need to be prepared to stand tall when we face the inevitable consequences. We need to stand tall enough to admit that we are our own worst enemy.

The Standing Tall 50-Day Adventure is not simply a series of sermons. It is an eight-week expose of the need to have our spiritual armor on at all times. Seldom do our enemies announce their attacks. They come upon us so unexpectedly that, if we are not prepared, we will fall. The battle is won through preparation. Using this series and the collateral materials and journals, you will be equipped to equip your people to be prepared so that they are able to stand tall when the attacks come and to be standing once the victory has been won.

Our enemies are external and internal, but the glory and grace, strength and love of our God for us is eternal. The world has taught us that winning is about getting back up. The Word of God teaches that winning is about not falling because we have availed ourselves of His strength. His armor is more than adequate, but we must put it on for it to be effective. Teach your people what it takes to stand tall.