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The Remarkable Revelation

This series will help you capture the imagination of your people beginning with the first Adventure Sunday you preach. The eight preaching/teaching themes are designed to help you get – and keep – their attention while also enthusing them to take action. You will lead your church to understand the role America plays in these strategic times and what believers can do to place our nation on a more positive course for the future.

The Remarkable Revelation refers to the final book in the Bible, and more specifically to the identity of the beast to which Satan hands over his authority in chapter 13. Your goal will be to teach Revelation 13 in a way that lights a fire within the hearts and minds of your congregation. Each week, you will make them more aware that there is no time to waste if the American church is to meet the daunting challenges of the immediate future.

You will encourage participants to fill out a journal each day featuring Scriptures correlated with your sermons. They are also to read an exceptional short paperback called The Day That Changed America, which offers fresh insights regarding Bible prophecy.


SUNDAY 1: Those Strange Apocalyptic Writings 
A basic overview of apocalyptic writings. It is interesting, easily understood, and prepares people for both the series and the initial daily readings they will be doing that week in Revelation and Daniel.

SUNDAY 2: The Enemy's Deceptive Ways  
You'll explore Satan’s deceptive ways, unfolding his hidden agenda regarding the United States. It is a disturbing message, but one that certainly needs to be heard. This is also the week you will ask people to read The Day That Changed America.

SUNDAY 3: A "Saints" Holocaust 
This is the most hard-hitting sermon in the series. It predicts a future holocaust for God’s people when the beast in Revelation 13 assumes control of the world and makes war against the saints.

SUNDAY 4: Favoring Our Children and Grandchildren:
Challenges present-day believers to take seriously their role of intervening for our children and grandchildren. You will delineate specific ways to do this.

SUNDAY 5: Sensing the Lord's Presence:
Unfolds what revival looks like in a local church. Because it is the only force powerful enough to stem the present tide, Christians need to be talking about a special movement of the Spirit more and more often.

SUNDAY 6: Living Watchfully:
Focuses on personal revival. It makes it understandable and attractive. Without question, this is the key sermon in the series, and it calls for a public response.

SUNDAY 7: A Sense of Urgency: 
Expands the revival topic to include the nation. Because the window of opportunity will not remain open indefinitely here in America, it includes an urgency factor.

SUNDAY 8: The World Goes Not Well, But... 
This is a bittersweet theme. It asks whether we will ever see worldwide revival. The answer given is yes, but only at a horrendous cost. Even so, it is a positive and fitting conclusion to this special series.

Pre-Adventure Sermons 1 and 2:
These extra messages prepare your congregation for the eight-Sunday series. The first is about various events in the life of Daniel. Its theme is that God calls people of all ages to say "yes" to going on a spiritual adventure with Him. The second, about John, lets people know that Jesus invites less-than-perfect people to join Him on His wonderful spiritual adventures.