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Untapped Miracles for Tapped-Out Christians

Use life-changing 50-Day Spiritual Adventure series to re-energize your church by teaching them how to tap into God's sources of spiritual energy.

Eight biblical energy sources, untapped and overlooked, are the focus if this transformational 50-Day Adventure. Unpacking these energy sources can literally re-energize your entire congregation.


An untapped Biblical energy source is:
1. Finding tension's good side
2. The 24/7 church
3. Christian hospitality
4. Pulpit/pew mutual support
5. Prayer with fasting
6. Telling our stories
7. The wider kingship
8. The living Christ

1. Address your tension to God's attention
2. Be a 24/7 believer
3. Open your home and your heart
4. Connect with your pastor
5. Get serious about prayer and fasting

About the Untapped Miracles for Tapped-Out Christians 50-Day Spiritual Adventure

Have you ever felt like your get-up-and-go got up and went? At its extreme, it feels like you can’t lift another load. More often, it just feels like life is so dull and boring you couldn't get excited about the Super Bowl even if were being played in your living room. Most Christians feel like that at some time or another.

We are tempted to be drawn to the Apostle Paul’s encouragement to “be not weary in well-doing” found in Galatians and II Thessalonians. But the reality is the most Christians feel tapped-out as a result of chasing worldly pleasures in a fruitless pursuit for fulfillment, while still trying to maintain a form of godliness. No wonder they are tapped-out. If left untreated, this listlessness will turn to depression.

So, what do these tapped-out Christians typically do next? They start looking for a miracle that will change their circumstances. They suddenly want God to intervene in their lives and provide all those things that the world could not. What these people are missing are the many untapped miracles that God has already provided for us when we live a godly life. They are ignoring the everyday directions that lighten both our path and our load, and restore our souls.

Untapped Miracles for Tapped-Out Christians gets to the heart of the matter through the use of journals for adults and children to help them apply the lessons they learn through the eight weeks of sermons you present. The overall message that you will deliver is that life is not about God showing up and surprising us with supernatural wonders, but that the miracle is that He is always present with us, wanting to make our entire life miraculous. Pastor, you will show them that they are missing the miraculous, just like looking over a four-leaf clover that they've overlooked before. The miracles are here. They've just overlooked them.

With this 50-Day Adventure, the Lord can use you to help them see the untapped miracles that they have been missing. More than that, you will point them toward what God expects from them so that He has the liberty to make their lives miraculous every day. You will help them replace turning to God with getting and staying near to Him. You will help them find the intimacy that God has for them in prayer and fasting. You will help them understand the power of being plugged-in with other Christians. You will reveal to them that when we live our lives eagerly expecting God to be in all our circumstances, we will not lose strength, grow weary, or watch our get-up-and-go get up and go. The Lord will use you to show them that they have all the power and energy they need in the untapped miracles available by living life the way He means for us to.