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The Christmas Touch
Making Christlike Connections during the Holidays

Give yourself a wealth of Christmas time sermon and service helps with this exceptional December sermon series by Mainstay Ministries.

God reached out in love to the world at Christmas. It would be good if we could learn to connect with people in a similar fashion. That's what this Advent series is all about - extending a Christlike "touch" so this holiday season others can experience Christ anew. This series lays out a course of action that will enhance your holiday experience through looking at six characters in the Christmas story. They will teach you how to make meaningful connections with God and others though December.

Experience Christ-like connections when you:
1. Touch your Neighbors
2. Honor the Overlooked
3. Love a Family Member
4. Seek a Fresh Touch from God
5. Reach Toward Heaven
6. Embrace the World

The Christmas Touch

Of all of our senses, touch is probably the most personal.  We even talk about having a “personal touch” or describe things as “touching.”  The Mainstay Christmas sermon series, “The Christmas Touch,” takes the intimate concept of touch and weaves it through six prayerfully-constructed sermons that will grace you and your congregation with a touch from God.

We have all witnessed how a touch of the hand can calm an anxious spirit or strengthen a weary soul.  We pray that the messages of “The Christmas Touch” will awaken and inspire both you and your congregation to the potential of touch in their lives, especially this Christmas, and that it impact will last for the rest of their individual lives.

Whether they need a fresh touch from God or they are inspired to touch others with the Good News, by touching their lives through the messages of “The Christmas Touch,” expect a refreshing and restoring spirit of reconciliation to touch all those who hear and receive.  This series will open your church to their family, friends and neighbors, craving to be touched by someone caring and something profound.  You will open their eyes to a world in need of the renewal that only a loving touch from the Father can offer.  You will have the opportunity to show them how to touch the unlovely and the lonely, the forgotten and the forsaken with the good news that in Christ, they are lovely and neither alone, forgotten and forsaken.

You are in the blessed position to not only touch the lives of others, but to teach them how to touch the lives of yet others.  Think how far sharing “The Christmas Touch” can spread as one life touches another, then another and another.

As we long for a touch from God at Christmas time, may we also offer a touch to someone in His name.  God bless you, pastor, as you share “The Christmas Touch.”