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What is our Seasonal Advent Celebration?
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What is our Seasonal Advent Celebration?
The Advent Celebration is a church-wide Christmastime journey into God's life-changing Word. It occurs the Sunday following Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) and ends the Sunday following Christmas Day.

How is your Advent material different from the Adventure?
The primary goal of Advent is to help people stay focused on Christ during the often busy and hectic Christmas season. The primary goal of the Adventure is to help people reach a new level of maturity in their spiritual life by overcoming some sinful pattern or beginning some new, healthy spiritual pattern. Because of this distinction, the Adventure accelerates people's growth more than Advent does. Both get people into God's Word daily, and equip them to better remember and apply the sermons that you preach throughout each series.

How many services are included in the Advent Celebration?
It includes sermons for the 4 Sundays of Advent (the four before Christmas), a Christmas Eve or Day message, and one for the Sunday following Christmas. Some pastors will launch the series with a message the Sunday prior to Advent beginning.

"Advent" is not a tradition our church uses.  How can we benefit from your Christmas material?
Every church runs Sunday services from Thanksgiving to New Year's, so whether it's in your vocabulary to use the word "Advent" or not, you can still fully benefit from this Christmastime series for your entire congregation.