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Discussion Starter Dramas DVD for Promises Worth Keeping
Discussion Starter Dramas DVD for Promises Worth Keeping

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Product Code: PWK083

The Discussion Starter Dramas are designed to enhance your church services and serve as discussion starters in Sunday school or small groups. This DVD includes drama sketches and vignettes on the weekly themes. Follow-up questions to the segments are provided in the Small Group Leader's Guide.

Many churches use the drama sketches, as is, during Sunday services. Others preview the sketches with their drama group and reenact them through their own presentations. This exciting video resource should be viewed early on so you can make plans to use it to enhance your upcoming worship services or small group gatherings.

  1. Promises for Sale (4:31): This humorous drama features a man selling promises. He’s got one for every situation. But is buying promises as easy as it sounds? And does the buyer have a part in keeping them?
  2. Dear Babby (4:36): Women in a salon discuss the latest celebrity gossip and wonder how it is possible to have a strong, close relationship in a world of broken promises. Does Babby, the advice columnist, have the solution?
  3. Promises as Good as Gold (4:18): Three medieval musketeers confront each other over broken commitments. Learn the value of making your promises “as good as gold” as you laugh through this hysterical sketch.
  4. Sin City (5:01): Experience the message of redemption in a new way. A man owned by his sin comes to the Sin Warehouse hoping to stop making payments – or at least trade in his current sin for a new one. But when he hears about the Redemption Warehouse and the owner who wants to make the payments for him, he feels new hope!
  5. The Briefcase (5:38): This sobering drama tells the story of a man obsessed with his work. When someone offers him a magic briefcase that can speed up his productivity, he is thrilled. He experiences incredible success, but will it matter when he finally “wakes up” and realizes he has lost family?
  6. The Perfect Cheer (3:03): Featuring a pair of church cheerleaders, this hilarious sketch will remind and encourage you to support the ministry or your church and pastor!
  7. Fruit Market Mayhem (6:15): A fight breaks out between a grape, banana, strawberry and orange. Can they look past their obvious differences and learn to appreciate each other? You won’t forget the message of this comical drama!
  8. Undercover Christians (4:37): In this vignette, meet two undercover Christians who work hard to keep their identity a secret. Then meet a man who’s tired of hiding his faith and decides he’s ready to start influencing his world with the love of Christ.
  9. I’ve Got the Power (5:33): Do you feel yourself dragging through each day, too tired to care? In this drama, you’ll meet a woman who is feeling the same way. Is there a solution? Where will she get the power to live fully?

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