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More than Survivors

This Bible Study examines modern life-lessons (from eight victorious biblical characters) that teach us what it takes to thrive spiritually in the midst of a culture that threatens the health of our souls.

You can use this transformational Bible Study on your own or in a group.  You'll learn how to thrive spiritually, how to overcome evil and how to become more like Jesus Christ, even in an ever changing, often spiritually hostile world.


Those who are more than survivors...

1. Practice Making Soul-Conscious Choices (Moses)
Application: Critique Your Choices

2. Flee All-Too-Convenient Evil (Joseph)
Application: Agree to FLEE

3. Rally Support to Shine for God (Esther)
Application: Find Alien Allies

4. Rebuild Sacred Walls that Protect (Nehemiah)
Application: Resolve to Resoul

5. Reference the Culture to Share God's Love (Paul)
Application: Compliment the Culture

6. Stay Alert to Self-Diminishing Compromises (Daniel)
Application: Ax the Excess

7. Risk Everything for God and His People (Ruth)
Application: Run the Risk

8. Fix Their Eyes on Eternity with Jesus (Jesus)
Application: Eye the Prize