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Promises Worth Keeping

Use this life-changing Bible Study to learn eight Biblical promises that are worth keeping!

Using this transformational Bible Study, you and your group will discover how to keep your promises to God and others by resolving to live what you say you believe! 


With God's help, you can:
1. Nurture a growing intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ
2. Cultivate vital friendships that encourage you to keep your promises
3. Practice purity in though and action
4. Make family relationships a priority
5. Support the ministry of your church and pastor
6. Identify and address the hidden prejudices of your heart
7. Influence your world with the love of Christ
8. Live one day at a time through the power of the risen Christ


Apply what you are learning to your daily life:
1. Create memorable moments with Jesus
2. Come out of spiritual isolation
3. Confess and confront a signature sin
4. Care for those you care about
5. Choose to become exposed to the suffering of others