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Seeing the Unseen Christ

This life-changing Bible Study will move you to experience the transforming presence of the risen Lord by "seeing" Christ present in church on Sundays (and beyond). You'll develop a whole new outlook toward Sundays (and everyday) when you learn to capture a deeper perspective on Christ's active, living presence among us.

Use this transformational Bible Study to discover answers to the following question: How would you respond if Jesus physically attended your church for eight Sundays in a row?


When you "see" Christ present on Sundays you will:
1. Worship him with genuine enthusiasm
2. Lavish his love on others
3. Embrace righteousness and renounce evil
4. Serve him with gratitude and eagerness
5. Surrender to the truth of God's Word
6. Experience the privilege of authentic prayer
7. Delight in introducing him to others
8. Celebrate God's gift of life at its best


Apply what you are learning to your daily life:
1. Prepare Your Heart for Meaningful Worship
2. Show Christ's Love through Secret Acts
3. Reverse a Self-Destructive Pattern
4. Live a Lighthouse Lifestyle
5. Converse with Christ about Life at Its Best