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Standing Tall

It's often been said that our world changed on 9/11. In numerous ways that's true. Like many nations, Americans are now having to get accustomed to living with various fears. With far more time to reflect on matters than what you had those days immediately following 9/11, we have put together a powerful 50-Day Spiritual Adventure called Standing Tall: Facing Fears that Grip the Soul. With the help of pastors from around the country we chose to address the following:


1. Stand Tall in Terrorism and War

2. Stand Tall in Financial Insecurity

3. Stand Tall in Rejection and Betrayal

4. Stand Tall at Skeletons in the Closet

5. Stand Tall in Failure and Disgrace

6. Stand Tall in Disease and Death

7. Stand Tall in Paralyzing What-ifs

8. Stand Tall in Gathering Doom