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Untapped Miracles for Tapped-Out Christians
This life-changing Bible Study will re-energize you by teaching you how to tap into God's sources of spiritual energy.

Eight biblical energy sources, untapped and overlooked, are the focus of this transformational study. Unpacking these energy sources can literally re-energize you and those who study with you.


An untapped Biblical energy source is:
1. Finding tension's good side
2. The 24/7 church
3. Christian hospitality
4. Pulpit/pew mutual support
5. Prayer with fasting
6. Telling our stories
7. The wider kingship
8. The living Christ


1. Address your tension to God's attention
2. Be a 24/7 believer
3. Open your home and your heart
4. Connect with your pastor
5. Get serious about prayer and fasting