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Seasoning the Season
Bringing Out the Flavor of Christ in Christmas Traditions
Avoid another overwhelming December--our Seasonal Advent Celebrations help you and your church families to stay focused on Christ during Christmastime.

With this Advent Celebration, you can help your congregation season their Christmas traditions with the flavor of Christ. More than simply helping them to remember that "Jesus is the reason for the season," you can encourage people to focus on Christ in the very traditions that have become part of our celebration of Christmas: decorating our homes, conveying Christmas greetings, giving and receiving gifts, gathering with family and friends, and entering the new year by setting goals. An exciting feature of this Celebration is that the sermon texts are taken from the epistles rather than from the traditional "Christmas texts" of Matthew and Luke.

Help your congregation season their Christmas traditions with the flavor and presence of Christ by encouraging them to:
1. Grace Your Home with More Than Decorations;
2. Greet Others with Expressions of God's love;
3. Give with the Generosity of Christ;
4. Gather Together with Jesus Near;
5. Glorify God in His House and Your Heart;
6. Gratefully Receive What You're Given;
7. Go for Godly Goals.

"Seasoning the Season" Sermon Series

During a visit to a local restaurant, a customer asked the waitress which of two dishes, both chicken recipes, was the better choice.  She replied, whereupon the customer asked why her recommendation was the better option.  She said, “Because of the seasoning.”

Pastor, what is going to make this Christmas season better than other Christmases for your church?  It could be the seasoning in your sermons.  Messages that are seasoned to bring the true significance and application of the message of Christmas, like the effect of the aroma of frankincense and myrrh, cinnamon added to the to the cider and rosemary to the stuffing, may be the singular thing that makes this Christmas the best ever for someone in your church.

What an awesome responsibility it is to serve up a spiritual Advent feast that lasts for seven Sundays, that not only nourishes the soul, but prepares it to go empowered into the New Year.  Our sermon series, “Seasoning the Season,” was prayerfully designed and created to help pastors to be able to address this Christmas season with seasoning that makes the difference.

The series embodies weekly themes of grace and love, gratefulness and generosity, fellowship and faith that are crafted to feed your flock the best of the options that the Christmas season offers.  As you lead your people through the season, they will realize that great gain of living Godly, Christ-like lives as the best way to season the rest of their lives and the lives of those around them.  They will understand anew that the glorifying God at church, at home, at work and in all that they do, is the seasoning that our Heavenly Father expects us to be as the salt of the earth.

Our prayer, as you use the “Seasoning the Season” series is that you will be blessed and that the Lord will bless others through you.