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What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do

Use this life-changing 8-week sermon series and church-wide spiritual growth campaign, called a 50-Day Spiritual Adventure, to challenge your entire congregation to trust in Christ when life gets confusing.

In this challenging but exciting transformational 50-Day Spiritual Adventure, you'll find all the resources you need to help your congregation trust Christ for guidance through life's mazes. Eight weekly preaching themes are based solidly on Scripture and offer practical suggestions for facing problems with faith and assurance.


When you don't know what to do:
1. Choose to believe Christ will make a way for you through the maze
2. Embrace the great promises of God's Word
3. Pursue support relationships with other believers
4. Look for the joys that refresh your spirit
5. Remove unnecessary confusion from your life
6. Accept the Lord's grace and forgiveness
7. Discover how Jesus identifies with your struggles
8. Place your hope in the God of surprising outcomes

1. Fill your days with "I believe" statements
2. Face confusion with confidence from God's Word
3. Unleash the power of prayer partnerships
4. Energize your faith by tracking daily joys
5. Find three ways to unclutter your life

More About What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do Spiritual Adventure

It amazes me how often pastors must listen to people seeking direction because those people do not know what to do. How many multiple times over do we go to Christian friends to ask what to do when we don’t know what to do? The Mainstay 50-Day Adventure, What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do, is designed to help you lead your people away from being stuck in the habit of advice-dependence into the freedom of God-dependence.

Think for a moment. What does a person really mean when they say, “I don’t know what to do,” or “I don’t know which way to turn?” They are saying, “I’m lost.” Isn't that what you say when you are in the middle of a forest and you don’t know the way out? Practically speaking, a person who doesn't know what to do is lost.

Set aside the theological meaning of “lost” for a few minutes and contemplate about how many people you know who are lost in confusion, not knowing what to do. As a pastor, many of the people that you think about will likely be Christians. Yes, Christians can be lost – lost in the sense that they don’t know what to do in their circumstances.

In this series you will have the opportunity to take your people from the plateau of believing in Jesus Christ as the Way to the Father to the higher plain of trusting God completely and in every situation. You will encourage them to trust that He will make a way out of their maze. You will show them many of His great and precious promises and urge them to trust that He will keep all of those promises. You will teach them that He understands their circumstances perfectly, in far more detail than anyone else. You will show them that, by focusing on trusting Him – really trusting Him, He will replace their confusion with perfect clarity. They will learn that His plan is perfect, that He knows the way through the wilderness and that all we have to do is follow.

By recognizing our God for who He is, by removing clutter from our lives, and by relying completely on the One who is called Faithful and True, people under your ministry will experience the fullness of life available only through Him. One thing we know: If they are lost, God did not lead them to where they are. Lead them back to the still waters and the green pastures where He wants to keep them.