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Celebrate Jesus

Grow into greater maturity as your heart is refreshed with zeal for Christ and his kingdom!

To celebrate Jesus is to enjoy him and to enjoy sharing him with others. As you work through this motivational and inspiring Bible Study, you and your group will rediscover what about Christ is so compelling, and become eager to share his grace and peace with everyone you meet! In short, this study lets you focus on evangelism without using the "E" word!


What Makes Jesus Attractive to So Many People?

1. He stayed spiritually connected and directed.
2. He shattered the stereotypes of "us" and "them."
3. He liked people and drew out the best in them.
4. He knew his identity, yet served with humility.
5. He spoke God's truth in everyday language.
6. He cast a vision of a better kingdom, now and future.
7. He courageously completed his assigned mission.
8. He broke the power of darkness so all can live in the light.

1. Pray with a Pencil
2. Light your street
3. Celebrate people
4. Dare to care
5. Screen your message