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What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do

This life-changing Bible Study will challenge you to trust in Christ when life gets confusing.

In this challenging but exciting and transformational study, you'll find all the resources you need as you learn to trust Christ for guidance through life's mazes. Eight weekly themes are based solidly on Scripture and offer practical suggestions for facing problems with faith and assurance.


When you don't know what to do:
1. Choose to believe Christ will make a way for you
    through the maze
2. Embrace the great promises of God's Word
3. Pursue support relationships with other believers
4. Look for the joys that refresh your spirit
5. Remove unnecessary confusion from your life
6. Accept the Lord's grace and forgiveness
7. Discover how Jesus identifies with your struggles
8. Place your hope in the God of surprising outcomes


1. Fill your days with "I believe" statements
2. Face confusion with confidence from God's Word
3. Unleash the power of prayer partnerships
4. Energize your faith by tracking daily joys
5. Find three ways to unclutter your life